Presentation Skills Training & Public Speaking Coaching


Standard or Customized Presentation Skills Training and Executive Coaching for all public speaking needs, including Keynote Presentations from a Podium and Camera Presentations. Training and coaching is available for Technical Presentations, Instructor Facilitation and Meeting Management. We provide top-rated customized training courses on Public speaking, Keynote Presentations, and Presentation Skills Training.

We provide top-rated presentation skills training and leadership coaching for public speaking, public speakers, motivational speakers, effective communication, international business, influencing skills, and keynote speaker trainees. We work globally and offer exceptional service and results!

We offer presentation skills courses, presentation skills workshops, presentation coaching, public speaking training and one on one coaching with a public speaking coach. Presentation Skills Assessments & Profiles are available for all of our Presentation Skills Training Programs.

We incorporate the techniques for addressing audiences of any size, as well as for developing the Public Speaking Skills necessary for audience management. An additional focus is on establishing the ability to prepare for Multi-Cultural Presentations and global audiences. Multi-cultural presentations are a challenge for the most skilled presenters.

Skills for overcoming the fear of public speaking, audience analysis, content development and preparation, creating effective openings & closings, presentation timing & transitions, and the question & answer sessions are addressed in all presentation skill training programs.

There is the option for presentations to be videotaped to follow each presenter’s progress, and for later review. All individual presentations are followed by evaluations completed by fellow course participants, as well as by the course trainer. This facilitates the learning of each participant attending the training. Evaluations cover the presenter’s use of visualization technology, delivery and style, voice dynamics and tonality, body language, mannerisms and gestures, use of examples and metaphors, humor, the ability to establish audience rapport and positive audience participation. At the conclusion of the training or coaching for presentation skills, each participant receives their presentation evaluations and a CD of their presentations if the session was videotaped.

Circles Of Excellence is committed to exceptional service for our customized presentation skills training courses and leadership coaching for public speaking, public speakers, motivational speakers, effective communication, international business, influencing skills, keynote speaker trainees and more!

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10 Fundamentals of Effective Presentations

  • How to Create and Structure Presentation Content
  • Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking and Managing Stress
  • Audience Analysis and Management
  • Understanding Communication and the Effects of Body Language & Tonality
  • Establishing Audience Rapport, Including Multi-Cultural Audiences
  • Using Appropriate Openings, Closings and Making Effective Transitions
  • Effective Delivery With Visuals (Use of PowerPoint and Props)
  • Eliminating Non-Words (Ah… Um)
  • Avoiding Repetitive Words (OK… Now … So… Just)
  • Asking, Answering, and Managing Questions

Professional Development Programs

Communication Skills Training
Negotiation Skills Training
Cross-Cultural Training Presentation Skills Training
Customer Service Training Sales Training Program
Diversity Training Programs Stress Management Training
Leadership Skills Training Team Building Training
Management Training Programs Time Management Training


Circles Of Excellence provides their services globally from locations in the US and Europe.


Please contact us about our Professional Keynote Speakers, Corporate Training Programs and Executive Coaches for your effective communication training, cross cultural education, cultural diversity training, quality customer service training, leadership development courses, management training programs, presentation skills courses, sales negotiation training, stress management seminars, team building workshops, time management courses and more. Training is available as Instructor Led or Blended Training. Executive and Management Coaching is provided for all leadership levels. Training Programs are available for Licensing and Train-The-Trainer certification.