Negotiations Training & Coaching


Standard or Customized Negotiations Training and Executive Coaching for Negotiations in every country, culture, or area. We cover the Negotiation Process, Closing, and Follow-up for all levels of Win-Win Negotiations.

We provide top-rated negotiation skills training for win win negotiation, negotiation strategies, influencing skills, the negotiation process, closing the deal, effective communication, conflict resolution, and international business. We work globally and offer exceptional service and results!

We offer negotiation skills training, negotiation coaching, sales negotiation training, negotiation workshops, cross cultural negotiations training and more. Negotiation Style Assessments & Profiles are available for all of our Negotiation Skills Training Programs.

Establish "pro-active" rather than "reactive" negotiations from the start. Understand all areas of influencing skills including social / business etiquette, appropriate gifts, timing, proper presentation, dining, banquets, gender issues, and the decision making hierarchy with international business customers.

Utilize the "people-reading" and negotiation skills necessary for confirmation of understanding, overcoming objections, conflict resolution, and closing the deal. Learn to turn a "no sale" into a "future sale".

We help structure your negotiation strategy to support your tasks and objectives appropriate to the client, culture, and desired outcome. This includes the written content, color, design, and timing protocol for the assignment, tactical strategy, and action necessary for closing.

Circles Of Excellence is committed to exceptional service for our customized negotiation skills training courses and leadership coaching for win win negotiation, negotiation strategies, influencing skills, the negotiation process, closing the deal, effective communication, conflict resolution, body language, international business and more!

Global headquarters in Dallas, TX

What Our Customers Say!

At Curtis-Wright Controls we found Circles Of excellence to be a valuable professional development and training resource, and had a very positive experience when seeking to offer our employees a comprehensive Negotiations Training Course. Jessica Cohen - Manager, Human Resources

As Always, your International Negotiation Courses were informative, very participation oriented, and timely for Alcatel-Lucent’s global direction. I particularly found the customized negotiation exercises beneficial, and that your examples recommendations closely matched my experiences particularly in Asia/Pacific and Latin American regions. F.R. Weaver - Director, Global Manufacturing Operations

Professional Development Programs

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Circles Of Excellence provides their services globally from locations in the US and Europe.


Please contact us about our Professional Keynote Speakers, Corporate Training Programs and Executive Coaches for your effective communication training, cross cultural education, cultural diversity training, quality customer service training, leadership development courses, management training programs, presentation skills courses, sales negotiation training, stress management seminars, team building workshops, time management courses and more. Training is available as Instructor Led or Blended Training. Executive and Management Coaching is provided for all leadership levels. Training Programs are available for Licensing and Train-The-Trainer certification.