Customer Service Training


Standard or Customized Customer Service Training and Executive Coaching to address the Customer Care needed for Internal or External Customers and Clients, including Active Listening for "Hi-Tech" or "Multi-Cultural" Customers.

We provide top-rated customer care training and leadership coaching for customer retention, conflict resolution, active listening, interpersonal communication, and business etiquette for effective communication with international business customers. We work globally and offer exceptional service and results!

We offer call center customer service training, customer service workshops, customer service coaching, quality customer service training and more. Customer Service Assessments & Profiles are available for all of our Customer Service Training Programs.

The courses we offer are interactively integrated to develop pro-active rather than re-active customer communications - in person, on the phone, or in written communications and e-mail.

We encourage Team Workplace Styles for total customer care inter-departmentally. We focus on quality customer values and strategic outcomes for Customer Retention.

Learn to assess customer sensitivity levels, and turn an irritated customer around with ease and diplomacy. On-the-job Stress Management is actively integrated using creative problem solving strategies, conflict resolution, and "win-win" negotiations.

Circles Of Excellence is committed to exceptional service for our customized customer care training courses and leadership coaching on customer retention, conflict resolution, interpersonal communication, and business etiquette for effective communication with international business customers and more! 

Global headquarters in Dallas, TX

Professional Development Programs

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Customer Service Training Sales Training Program
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Circles Of Excellence provides their services globally from locations in the US and Europe.


Please contact us about our Professional Keynote Speakers, Corporate Training Programs and Executive Coaches for your effective communication training, cross cultural education, cultural diversity training, quality customer service training, leadership development courses, management training programs, presentation skills courses, sales negotiation training, stress management seminars, team building workshops, time management courses and more. Training is available as Instructor Led or Blended Training. Executive and Management Coaching is provided for all leadership levels. Training Programs are available for Licensing and Train-The-Trainer certification.