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Standard or Customized Cross-Cultural Communication Training, Cross-Cultural Communication Coaching, and Cross-Cultural Communication Consulting  for every country, culture and area. Cross-Cultural Courses are available for Effective Cross-Cultural Communications, Multi-Cultural Marketing and Sales, International Negotiation Strategies, Trans-Cultural Presentations, and for In-pat, Out-pat or Ex-pat Relocation.

We provide top-rated cross cultural communication training and leadership coaching for intercultural communication, body language, business etiquette, cultural competency, and effective communication for international business and team building. We work globally and offer exceptional service and results!

We offer cross-cultural education, cross-cultural communication books, cultural competence training, intercultural training, programs for understanding cultural differences and more. Diversity and Cultural Awareness Assessments and Profiles are available for all of our Cross-Cultural Training Programs.

We teach the Do's & Taboos and Cultural Clues of social / business etiquette, cultural dining habits, and the day-to-day living expectations for any country, culture, or area.

Our training addresses the different cultural business practices, cultural behaviors, cultural norms or tendencies, and the cultural business expectations to create cross-cultural rapport in person, on the phone, and in written business communications, email and text.

We will help your company become ‘Pro-active’ from the start of a cross-cultural relationship by providing training and coaching on everything from the written material used to appropriate gifts for different cultures, cultural time expectations, and the political or economic considerations. We also provide connections with multi-national organizations and international authorities to foster the necessary global business relationships.

Circles Of Excellence is committed to exceptional service for our customized cross cultural communication training courses and leadership coaching on intercultural communication, body language, business etiquette, cultural competency, and effective communication for international business, team building and more!

Global headquarters in Dallas, TX

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Circles Of Excellence provides their services globally from locations in the US and Europe.


Contact us about our Professional Keynote Speakers, Corporate Training Programs and Executive Coaches for cross cultural training, cross cultural coaching, cultural competence training, intercultural training, cross cultural courses, cross cultural education, cross cultural consulting, and for understanding cultural differences. We are the leader for cross-cultural training in Dallas. Training is available as Instructor Led or Blended Training. Executive and Management Coaching is provided for all leadership levels. Training Programs are available for Licensing and Train-The-Trainer certification.