The Art of Successful Presentation Skills: It's Beyond Words...



30-90 Minutes (Customization is available)


Could you use a littlepolishin your presentation or a littlefinesse in your style? Whether you make presentations for meetings, small groups, or from a podium for multitudes, this interactive topic is designed for you. Making successful presentations is an art,and one that’s not easily achieved! Excellent presentations are 90% preparation and 10% presentation. Learn to create the most effective type of presentation for your audience. Incorporate some high-level tips to enhance your audience rapport, including with multi-cultural audiences. Prepare effective openings, transitions, and closings. Develop the necessary skills for delivery with visuals. Last, but not least, enhance your physical presentation style with your voice dynamics and body language. This topic has lots of interaction for great take-home value!

  • Confidently Create Audience Rapport:With Audiences of Any Size and Type… Including Multi-Cultural Audiences
  • Prepare Better Presentations: Use Creative Visualization Techniques, and have Effective Openings, Transitions, and Closings
  • Enhance Your Physical Presentation Style: Overcome Fear, Breathe Properly, and Use Effective Tonality, Inflection, Gestures, and Body Language

Contact keynote speaker and international business expert, Gayle Cotton, to speak at your conference on the topic The Art Of Presentation Skills - It’s Beyond Words! One of the best motivational public speakers, she’s an expert on body language, public speaking, and an executive business coach for public speakers


Gayle Cotton is a National Emmy Award Winner and the author of the Bestselling Book, ‘SAY Anything to Anyone, Anywhere! 5 Keys to Successful Cross-Cultural Communication’. She is President of Circles Of Excellence Inc., and a distinguished keynote speaker and executive coach. She has presented for the United Nations, World Governments, and more than 50 Fortune 500 companies around the world. She has been featured on numerous TV shows including NBC News, BBC News, Good Morning America, PM Magazine, Pacific Report, and PBS. Gayle has the distinction of being the first American accepted as a member in the ‘European Association of Marketing and Sales Experts’, and is a Certified Expert in the ‘Executive Foundation for International Communication’. She is a Faculty Resource for Young Presidents' Organization (YPO), World Presidents’ Organization (WPO), Chief Executives Organization (CEO), and Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO).

An internationally recognized authority on Cultural Science, Gayle educates, entertains, and inspires audiences with her fresh and unique approach. Giving new meaning to the concept of creativity and productivity, she is on the leading edge of business communication. She has won the respect of World Leaders, Ambassadors, and Executives around the world that turn to her for her expertise on global cultures and international business. Her vast experience living and working abroad has made her a ‘first choice’ request for international audiences!

Gayle travels world-wide from business bases in Dallas, Texas and Switzerland. She presents on the topics of Cross-Cultural Communication, Cultural Diversity, Intercultural Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Executive Leadership Coaching, Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, Sales and Negotiations, Teambuilding, and Time Management. One of the best keynote speakers and motivational public speakers, she’s also an executive business coach for public speakers.Contact Gayle to speak at your conference or event!

Circles Of Excellence provides their services globally from locations in the US and Europe.


Contact Gayle if you are looking for knowledgeable conference speakers, international speakers, or diversity speakers that specialize in cross-cultural topics, and can talk about the cross-cultural issues of working worldwide. She is one of the few cross-cultural experts in the industry of professional public speakers or professional motivational speakers, and one of the best female speakers amongst women motivational speakers.